Is your child up to date on his or her vaccinations? Our office staff will be happy to discuss with you the best plan to get back on top!

We are proud to say that we provide our patients the most loving care in a very clean, beautiful environment by the some of the best providers in the area. We try to be as efficient as possible in order to keep time in the waiting room short and to allow for as much time with our physicians as we can. To better serve you, we have included a medical record release form in our new patient paperwork on this site. This is the best way to obtain the patients records prior to your first appointment.


During office hours, we have staff who answer your calls directly. If you have a question for a doctor or nurse, you will be able to leave a message with a receptionist for a call back as soon as possible. Our nurses strive to call everyone back within an hour, however during high call volume the wait may be a little longer. When the office is closed, you can still contact us by calling 813-236-9310, we have on call nurses that will take your message and then call you back to answer your questions. Also, for all non-medical concerns or comments you can reach Dr. Kosoff directly by e-mailing


Please, if you feel your question is urgent or is concerning the health of your child, call the office directly or take your child to the emergency room.

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Did You Know?

    Did you know that approximately one million kids in the U.S. are not fully immunized by two years old? While the occurrence of most vaccine preventable diseases is declining; we have seen resurgence of whooping cough (also called pertussis).

    At "We Care Pediatrics" your child's health is our primary concern. That is why we administer both the required and recommended childhood and adolescent vaccinations. Call us today to schedule an appointment: 813-236-9310.

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Dr. Kosoff and his staff are the nicest, quickest, and most caring medical professionals I have ever met. We Care Pediatrics stands out in their service of my children, and I am proud to be a customer.

Robin Jamsky